Express Business Solutions Affiliated Group, Inc. (EBSA Group, Inc.) has been helping clients that represent a variety of industries since 2003. Our clients are entrepreneurs that are predominantly located in the Puget Sound region around Seattle, WA. 



"I enthusiastically recommend EBSA Group to my clients.  Donna, Kayli and their associates are thorough, efficient and helpful.  They excel at organizing clients, providing superior accounting information, and helping their clients to use that information."

-M.S., CPA, Kirkland, WA

"A former general manager of our company mismanaged the company badly, nearly bankrupting us.  We engaged EBSA Group to assist our recovery.  They constructed new books for accounting, assisted us in creating company policies, and set up other administrative essentials.  Our company has flourished ever since."

-S.B., Kirkland, WA


"EBSA brings enjoyment and a sense of security back into the work place. They have allowed us to grow and have helped merge two independent successful companies, increasing our daily productivity.  We can focus on our business and clients while EBSA handles the financial end of the business."

-E.M., Kirkland, WA

"Clients that you have worked on really take the burden of the 'busy work' off me because you do such a good job of hand-holding and data recording, and that allows me to concentrate on the analysis section and doing the compliance paperwork."

-P.B., CPA, Kenmore, WA

"Very Intuitive - no instructions needed." 

- Tom C.

"FIFI is better than any other system I have seen or used.  It is amazing how much easier it is to file, when EVERYTHING has a place." 

- Carly W.

"Easy to read without glasses on." 

- Darla P.

"I really like the system.  It has helped me a lot with getting a handle on my piles of paper.  I can easily find what I need quicker." 

- Joyce B.

"My "To Do" piles tend to take over parts of my life.  They were very quickly and easily distributed in this system.  Having them gone and properly handled is absolutely the best!"

- Laura C.